Song Review: Stray Kids – Miroh — The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion

At the end of last year, I picked Stray Kids as my top rookie of 2018. However, that was largely based on the incredible strength of their March debut. By the end of the year, I’d fallen a little out of love with their music. Part of me was afraid they’d begin to get lost […]

Song Review: Stray Kids – Miroh — The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion

y’all check it out! the melody have been stuck in my head, woo woo uwoo~

Little Guide to K-pop!

안녕 여로분! hello chingu, welcome to ms kim’s blog! just kidding. My bad for being a fangirl with high dreams and hopes which most probably will only be imagination. My oppa(s) won’t even recognize me or even they won’t know that i exist and that’s a really heart-breaking reality 😦

enough with the chit-chat and the ‘short introduction’ and let’s get started.

I bet most of you know about korean pop or as we know as k-pop. K-pop is basically a genre of music from South Korea. yeah that’s basically it.

I guess, nowadays, everyone knows k-pop, like who doesn’t?! K-pop had been known worldwide these days (past years). Taking an example from big k-pop artists, BTS (방탄소년단 or in english known as Bangtan Boys) who was nominated in the Grammy Awards 2019.

BTS attending the Grammys

Move on, let’s talk about some k-pop terms all k-pop fans should know. I’ve collected some of the most-used words in the k-pop world. I’m not gonna share about all of them because there are tons of words and it could be decades of explanations. p.s. i’m bad at explaining so i looked up some of them from google sources and summarized.

Antifans (Antis) : someone or people who hates on particular idol(s).

Eonni : similar to hyung, but it’s use when a younger female called an elder female and eonni line means the elder female members in the group.

Bias : your most favorite member in the group, there’s also bias wrecker which means a member that makes you wanna switch your current favorite member and there’s ult bias (ultimate bias) which is your most favorite member out of all groups.

Hyung : a korean word use when a younger male called an elder male. Hyung line means the elder male members in the group.

Maknae : the youngest member in the group. Maknae line means the young members in the group.

Noona : a korean of adressing an elder female by a younger male.

Oppa : in korean, it’s uses when a younger female called an elder male, but it’s usually use when fangirls called their male idols.

Actually there are a lot more words, like a l o t . These are just a really little amount of phrase that most of them are actually korean, so we’re not only learning k-pop terms but also learning about korean language! i mean- of course it’s Korean pop. Maybe, i’ll give more informations in another blog(s), maybe.

Ever heard of albums? fan-meeting? lightsticks? k-pop concerts?

K-pop Fandom Lightstick
TVXQ’s Concert

Well, it is kind of pricey for me and for some people out there, but for a k-pop enthusiast they won’t bother to buy tons of albums to support their idols. We can meet them eyes to eyes through a fanmeet, but the opportunity to join it is quite small. K-pop idols usually have a fandom lightstick, some of them actually have a unique design of their own lightstick. K-pop fans usually bring them to concerts.

TVXQ’s concert had been one of the legendary concert ever, remember ‘ocean wave’?

byee everyonee! hope you have a nice day! here’s of a photo that will make your day better! ^^